Mangabey Tracking

One of the rare species of primates in a few Tropical Rain Forests of Uganda, a family between Chimpanzees and Monkeys. It has been habituated in Mabira Forest, at least three (3) groups can be seen in a day. Meet our specialized guides who have habituated them over a period

Mangabey Tracking Mabira Forest is one of the only places to see the rare Grey Cheeked Mangabey (Lophocebus ugandae). his Old World Monkey is a tree dwelling relative of the baboon. In 2007, biologists identified this species of Mangabey as unique to Uganda. Our guides can give you an up close and personal experience with this rare species.

NOTE: Mabira forest is not a zoo, therefore watching mangabeys depends on three main factors:-

  1. Time of the day,
  2. Season,
  3. and food availability.
Therefore our specialized trackers will always make sure that you see these primates.